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Charity Property Donation Idaho
When you’re looking to donate to a charitable cause, you may not realize that one option for you is to donate commercial property. An Idaho property donation is an excellent way to donate office space, industrial space, retail space and even commercial real estate. There are several advantages for you to donate commercial property in Idaho. Individuals who donate commercial property are able to benefit in several ways. The most recognized of these benefits is an Idaho tax deduction that you can receive for your Idaho property donation.

Idaho Tax Deduction = Current Market Value
Through the donation of property, you are able to receive a substantial tax deduction. In many cases, you are able to convert commercial property into a business financial gain should you choose to donate it. Additionally, you may be able to write off almost the full value of your commercial property donation. When you donate commercial property, you are able to obtain more money for your property than you would if you were to simply sell the property because you will not have to pay for the sale of the property. There are several rules that may apply to you if you are a corporation or business donating property. For instance, you may be in the situation in which the deduction is passed to the shareholders. The shareholders of the company are then able to claim the deduction on their individual tax return.

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