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Charity Property Donations Massachusetts – Good For All Involved!

Unwanted Massachusetts Real Estate? Donate To Charity! You know how costly Massachusetts real estate can be – just to own it! You also know how much of a burden owning real estate in Massachusetts can become, especially if you were not prepared to own property in Massachusetts. But did you know that that costliness and expense can be turned into a great financial advantage for you and for charities in need?

MA Real Estate Donation – A Simple Solution to A Costly Problem

For a variety of reasons, many people who are holding Massachusetts properties have made the decision to donate property in Massachusetts to charity. And when they have, they have come to realize a great many personal advantages.

Massachusetts real estate that has become a burden—either because it was a gift the recipient is not prepared to maintain or a home or investment that is no longer productive and useful—can easily be gifted to charity and put to good use. In the meantime, you, as donor of such a property, can better your financial picture. You will no longer be responsible for Massachusetts property taxes, property fees or expenses, property insurance, or liability.

In addition, you will enjoy a very advantageous tax benefit (and who in Massachusetts couldn’t use some added tax relief?). In exchange for your Massachusetts house donation, commercial property donation in Massachusetts, or Massachusetts land donation, you will be given a tax deduction for the fair market value of the subject property. You may spread this deduction across as many as five years (more in some annuity cases). For many property owners, the fair market tax deduction is more beneficial than selling the property and paying income tax from the sale, and it is almost always more than any deduction or deprecation that might come from continuing to hold the property.

As if that were not reason enough to donate Massachusetts real estate to charity, you will also benefit from knowing that you have made a big difference in someone else’s life. Your Massachusetts property donation to Real Estate with Causes will house community projects and fund under-funded and often ignored charities in the state and across the U.S. This process, simplified by the professional staff of volunteers at Real Estate with Causes, will be made as fast and easy for you as possible, so that you can enjoy the comfort of knowing that you have improved your financial portfolio while helping so many in great need.

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