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Mississippi Charity Property Donations – Good For All Involved!

There have been many changes in the last few years that have reduced the amount of assistance that public charities are able to obtain from the government. These charities are forced to find ways in which they can replace those funds. There are various causes we support that can truly benefit from Mississippi real estate donation. Because of the high value of real estate, A Mississippi real estate donation can provide these various organizations with the funds that they need to make ends meet. There are various organizations and causes that can use these funds from the donated real estate in Mississippi. These organizations typically fall through the cracks and do not receive nearly enough funding from the government.

There are various types of Mississippi property that may be donated. Raw land, commercial property, and houses are just a few types of real estate that are of use to these organizations. The unique aspect of real estate donation is that the value of the land that can be deducted is the value that the property holds now, not what it was worth when purchased. This means that there is a substantial benefit to Mississippi real estate donation for the donors.

Mississippi Tax Deduction = Current Market Value

The main benefit that individuals receive for their donation is that they are able to take a very large tax deduction. The deduction can be made by both individuals and corporations. However, there may be specific rules that corporations, limited liability companies and partnerships must follow. This is because the deduction cannot be made by the corporation itself, but through its shareholders.

There are two types of deductions that are available to individuals. These deductions include individual Mississippi tax deductions as well as Mississippi charitable gift annuities. Real Estate With Causes provides a means for those individuals interested in donating real estate to do so. Real Estate With Causes provides information on the process of donating various types of real estate and the benefits that are associated with Mississippi real estate donation, including the ability to deduct the full fair market value of the property!

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