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Charity Property Donations NJ – The Good You Can Do!

Donate Real Estate New Jersey…The Good You Can Do! Nearly any unwanted New Jersey real estate can be put to much better use by donating New Jersey property to charity. A New Jersey property donation is certainly a commendable act, but often the original motivation comes from more practical reasons. Inherited land becomes unmanageable and expensive to maintain, tax obligations from the sale of the property make selling unattractive—or worse, more cost than it is worth, and property upkeep and expenses (from insurance, maintenance, liability, and so on) become unbearable. Sometimes even investment properties can become a financial burden that is no longer worth holding and more financially rewarding as a charitable donation than as a property holding.

Benefits of NJ Real Estate Donation

Whatever the motivation behind a charitable real estate donation, a gift of property is a selfless gift that helps many, many people in the long run. A NJ property donation is more like charitable giving with benefits. Those benefits come in the form of:

  • Relief from property maintenance and labor obligations
  • Relief from property expenses and financial responsibility
  • Tax benefits in the form of a fair market value deduction that can be taken over five years
  • The peace of mind and satisfaction that comes from supporting needy causes and fellow citizens in need

Your donation of any New Jersey real estate can be used to net the many personal and financial benefits of New Jersey property donation. Eligible properties can be either residential or commercial real estate donations, New Jersey land donation, New Jersey house donations, hotel donations or New Jersey multi-unit complexes, or you can donate an apartment or condo in New Jersey. In short, almost any kind of real estate in New Jersey can be donated to charity (including those that still hold a mortgage or obligation).

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