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Charity Property Donation Oklahoma

If you have property in Oklahoma that you would like to enjoy now, but you don’t want it to hinder your family after you have passed, you may be interested in knowing about the various benefits associated with an Oklahoma real estate donation. Your family may also be interested in learning about how they can develop a life estate that will allow them to enjoy their large and expansive property now and donate real estate later. Through a life estate, the family is able to live in the house, the real estate will be transferred to our charity upon their death. This allows the family to obtain a charitable tax deduction now, and still be able to enjoy their property. The family may also have the option of a charitable gift annuity that will pay to them over their lifetime. These options are ideal for those families or individuals who have large “trophy” properties or specialty properties that they would like to enjoy now, but will be expensive for their families to maintain after they have passed.

A life estate is useful to many families in Oklahoma, as there are several properties with large amounts of land and very large homes that are expensive to maintain. Even if a person’s family will not be able to maintain the property, donation of the property allows for the land and the home to be used in a beneficial manner to the organization that acquires it. In return, the family receives cash, which is more useful in the long run than the property may be. This cash is obtained through the large tax deductions that the family is entitled to and the money that they save from not having to maintain the property. Additionally, the family is able to avoid large inheritance taxes and other taxes associated with these expensive properties.

Donate Real Estate Oklahoma

If you are interested in how you can donate real estate in Oklahoma, you will be glad to know that there are various types of real estate that can be donated. You can donate not only houses and land, but condominiums, commercial property, hotels and timeshares through Real Estate With Causes.

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