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Rhode Island Property Donations – Good For All Involved!

Have you bought some land that you were looking to re-develop, come up with planning problems or no longer have the resources to undertake a project? If so then you could be sitting on a money pit which is sucking in more and more money each month. By making a Rhode Island land donation you can reduce your monthly overheads and benefit from a very competitive tax deduction. Many people have turned to Rhode Island property donation once they understood the benefits and how much money they will be saving. When considering such a donation take into account how much the land or property you have is costing you each month just to maintain or pay off in taxes. Rhode Island property donation will give you the opportunity to receive large tax deductions based on the current market value of the property, not when you purchased it!

Individuals are not the only ones who can provide property and land, if you are a corporation and deal in Rhode Island commercial property then you too could receive significant tax benefits. It is possible if you are a corporate donor to deduct the tax on the gross income, the potential is for very large savings. If your corporation is a limited liability company the deductions can be made on the tax returns of the shareholders. There are opportunities for any company to support the local community and provide Rhode Island real estate donations. Call Real estate with causes to see how your company can benefit from this form of charity contribution.

Donate Real Estate Rhode Island

There are thousands of people in Rhode Island who rely on the support of charities to help them improve their lives. If you or your company has never thought of donating Real Estate in Rhode Island then this is something that should be considered. The local community will benefit from all the donations made and the “With Causes” charity network can continue providing support, education and services to those who need it most. Rhode Island real estate donations really can make a difference to many peoples lives, Click below to donate real estate Rhode Island

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