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Charity Property Donations – Good For All Involved!

A Virginia Real Estate Donation Does Not Have to Be Difficult! The choice to donate Virginia real estate rather than hold it and continue to pay on an unwanted property is a smart move. The experiences of willing donors who have chosen inexperienced (or worse, untrustworthy) charity partners have at times made the process seem tedious and unmanageable. However, with a good Virginia property donation partner, the process of donating real estate in Virginia can be fairly simple and quick.

Make a Difference with Virginia Property Donations

Whether your intent is to donate land in Virginia, donate house Virginia, an apartment, or any other type of real property in Virginia, Real Estate with Causes can help. Real Estate with Causes is run by an all-volunteer staff of professionals who have the knowledge and skills to manage a complete Virginia property donation. (An all volunteer staff means that more of the money generated by your real estate donation in Virginia goes to the needy and deserving charities supported by Real Estate with Causes.)

With years of experience in accepting and processing Virginia property donations, Real Estate with Causes is ready to help any and all willing donors with qualifying Virginia real estate to donate. Real Estate with Causes brings to the table all the necessary elements of a good charity partner for Virginia house donation, Virginia land contract donation, or any other type of Virginia property donation (which includes apartment donation in Virginia and industrial or commercial property donation in Virginia).

Real Estate with Causes offers:

  • Professional support and services so that time, effort, and money is not expended by you, the generous property donor
  • Access to a number of very deserving charities, people in need, and medical treatment/research organizations (with a focus on underfunded charities and individuals that fall through the gaps of funding from other resources)
  • Tax advantages to Virginia real estate donors—a fair market value deduction that can be spread over a number of years, many times netting more of a financial advantage than sales proceeds – IRS Tax Deduction
  • Relief from the burden of unwanted, unused, or under-performing property

Real Estate with Causes has worked to constantly improve the process of real estate donation in Virginia. We have been a charitable partner and relief for many burdened property owners, and in so doing have created a seamless process that helps both Virginia real estate owners and fund recipients alike.

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