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Donate Beverly Hills Real Estate

Beverly Hills Real Estate Donation / Commercial Property / Land

Beverly Hills house donation California

Your home has brought you years of memories whether it’s a second home or the home you live in now. You or your family may need more space or a different style and realize now may be the time to move on. Whether you are deciding to upgrade to a larger residence, or if you are looking to sell your house and move overseas, that’s great and can often be extremely advantageous for you. However, depending on the housing market if you have a house in Beverly Hills you may want to consider donation as an alternative to selling your home on the open market.

Donate Beverly Hill Real Estate

Donate a house, vacant land, commercial property or multifamily apartment building properties in Beverly Hills and receive federal tax savings based directly on the fair market value of your Beverly Hills assets. If you would like to learn how easy Beverly Hills property donations really are and how to give to charity without hiring a lawyer or real estate agent, all while realizing amazing federal tax savings for yourself, just give us a call. Our knowledgeable team members are here seven days a week and can be reached toll-free at (888)-228-7320.

Do you already have an appraisal for your Beverly Hills house, vacant land or other property donation? Call today and speak with us to learn about full appraised value federal tax savings and the benefits that come along with a Beverly Hills house donation to charity. When you donate your Beverly Hills property you will receive federal tax savings based directly on the fair market value of your donation. This means that if you donate a house before the end of the year worth $1 million, in most cases, you will be eligible for a $1 million federal tax deduction. You can spread this tax deduction in most cases over 5 consecutive tax years. Of course each situation is unique so make sure to speak with your accountant. Help those in need this year and lock in benefits not only for a worthy cause but for you as well in a big way! Choose a Beverly Hills property type below to get started!

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