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Real Estate Donation Process

Real Estate Donations - How to Donate Properties to Charity

Many Americans don’t have a significant real estate portfolio. Those that do have found out they can enjoy substantial financial benefits, while helping those in need at the same time with a real estate donation. A real estate donation with Real Estate with Causes can help you rid yourself of unwanted property and avoid capital gains tax on appreciated property.

Real Estate with Causes has made every attempt to make the process of donating Real Estate assets to charity as simple and trouble free as possible. Our team of volunteers can get you started right away. Just contact us by phone at (888)-228-7320 or continue reading below to learn how to complete the simple donation process online.

“What Are The Steps I Need To Take To Donate Real Estate?”

A real estate donation is not like a car donation or boat donation which most of our donors are familiar with. When you donate real estate, a 5 year current market value tax deduction or the ability to receive income for life puts real estate donations in a league of their own. We have taken quite a bit of time putting together as much information as possible to answer any questions you might have. We suggest you set aside some time and learn about who we are and how we make sure a real estate donation benefits everyone involved. Please also consult with your accountant or lawyer!

  1. Who Should Donate Real Estate
  2. Why Donate Real Estate
  3. How You BenefitCurrent Market Value Tax DeductionLifetime Annuity Income
  4. Real Estate Donation Frequently Asked Questions
  5. Real Estate with Causes Mission
  6. Real Estate Donation Testimonials

After you have become familiar with the amazing things we do and the financial benefits you will receive, we invite you to complete our donation form. This is a very simple process and takes less than 3 minutes on average. Just choose the category your real estate donation falls into and submit your information. This gives us a chance to familiarize ourselves with your property and we will reply within 24 hours. Scroll down on this page to choose your state, call us toll free (888)-228-7320 or follow this link to Donate Real Estate

Now that you have chosen to move ahead with your generous donation, Real Estate with Causes will send you a donation package, which consists of but is not limited to the following documents needed to transfer ownership to our organization. (Each state and county is different and we work closely with you by providing all necessary forms.)

  1. Quit claim deed
  2. Warranty claim deed
  3. Donation agreement
  4. Deed and gift Declaration

When all necessary documentation has been signed and completed, Real Estate with Causes will comprehensively evaluate the property along with all associated factors that may potentially affect the successful transfer of the deed. This includes but is not limited to all books and records, as well as the title commitment.

Upon completion of the full inspection, Real Estate with Causes will then proceed with the steps necessary to take legal and proper deed to the charitable donation of real property offered. At this juncture, all properties are immediately insured for fire and liability to protect the interests of Real Estate with Causes and their agents/affiliates.

From there, we can assist you in finalizing the transaction in a timely and efficient manner. We and Real Estate with Causes work hard to make the charitable donation process simple, trouble free and as simple as possible for both our generous corporate and individual donors alike.

As soon as we take possession of your property and the ownership transfer is finalized, we complete all necessary paperwork and mail everything you will need to declare your tax deduction. The turn around time depends on the speed of the county you donate from, we’ve found the entire process is usually completed in only 2 to 5 weeks.

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