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Here are just some of our testimonials:

Almost every website these days has a testimonial page with the ultimate goal of showing people that your business, or nonprofit in our case, is not only legitimate but that it absolutely does what it claims. Word-of-mouth recommendations and reviews from people and companies that actually have donated, or requested help can be very powerful. Our goal is to exceed our donors expectations, and after the paperwork has been filed, ask you only once to share your thoughts about the experience for others to read. We do this with a single email and invite you to reply, no strings attached. The following testimonials are from those who have used Real Estate with Causes to donate real estate, and also people and families that have needed a helping hand when all else failed.

My husband and father of 2 amazing boys died in a car crash and I was left to raise two kids alone as a single mother. We were just about to close on a house before he went to heaven, and due to the circumstances I had to stop negotiations on our first home. You heard about our situation and reached out asking how you could help. I jokingly said we could use a house. Well, you sure came through! Thank You so much for making my family your priority! You have really changed our life!

I was watching this show on TV about 2 years ago and they sold me on the crazy idea I could get rich with real estate. I immediately got online thinking I was the biggest genius in the world. I bought around 12 properties in different states and just knew I would be able to easily sell them for a big profit. Boy was I wrong. I have only been able to sell 1 piece of land over the last 2 years and it is now June. I spoke with my tax advisor and he told me I should just donate the cheapest ones and it would help me tax wise. I never considered donating real estate before. I give money sometimes but never heard of this.. Anyways, I found you online and then called you up. I ended up donating 5 of the properties to Real estate with causes and you actually helped me out selling 2 of the others! That's called going the extra mile in my book. Everything is perfect for me now thanks to you. I will tell all my friends about you!

Very proficient! We had a useless residential property that was more trouble for us than we expected. We wanted to blow it up but you talked us out of it, and convinced me to just donate it to your charity. We called a local charity and they were kind of clueless and didn't know how to accept real estate donations. I was posting on Facebook and some friends suggested I take a look at your website. I got all the info I needed about the whole donating process and gave you a ring. You had a volunteer that was only 200 miles from my property and went and took a look at it the next day. The following day we started the paperwork, and 40 days later completed the entire donation and now I have 1 less headache to worry about.

I can honestly say that I've never experienced this level of kindness before in my life. I never thought it would be me asking for help. I am truly blessed to have found you and want you to know it is very reassuring to know someone does care. Thanks!

My Aunt Sally passed and left me with a nice home with lots of property in Iowa that she lived on all of her life. I now live in Manhattan and don't see myself going back there anytime soon. I spoke with my accountant and he told me what the property taxes were going to be and the costs to upkeep the property. We decided it was in my best interest to donate the property. I was doing alot of research and had heard about Real Estate with Causes from someone I was speaking with at a social gathering. He told me he used you guys and had a stress free experience and got a nice cruise to Mexico on top of it. Long story short, thank you for taking the property off of my hands. I haven't been to Iowa in many years and felt this would somehow benefit someone else more than myself. If you go ahead with the plans to turn the house into a duplex as we were speaking about for the 2 families that lost their houses in the fire, that will be great. Either way thanks again and keep up the good work! Someone needs to!

We had a couple of extra lots that just weren't selling so we called you up and we donated them. Nice and easy. Thanks!

Wow, that was easy! My family wasn't going to use the recreational property we have had forever and heard about how we could donate it for the tax write-off. We spent many years fishing at the pond and telling stories around the campfire and can only hope the next owner enjoys as much as we did. Found you on the web and the whole donation went perfectly smooth. You did all the paperwork and answered our questions immediately. Highly Recommend!

After being diagnosed with lung cancer, I decided to setup a life estate and my accountant told me about your Charitable Gift Annuity program. I have been very fortunate in my life except for the fact I outlived my entire family. I had no one to leave my assets to and am extremely thankful I found out about you. It has been 2 years and my annuity payments arrive on time as promised. Your program is wonderful and I am proud to be a part of your very respectable cause. God Bless.

I never imagined I could just donate the farm I inherited to a charity and finally be done with it. When I moved to Hawaii 11 years ago my father was still raising cattle and broilers in North Carolina at age 75. When he died 4 years ago, he left me the farm and I tried selling it to no avail. My financial advisor referred me to you and I took the next step. The donation was extremely simple and I received more than I was expecting.. Real Estate with Causes is the real deal!

Once again a smooth transaction. Since finding out about Real Estate with Causes we have had 4 of our clients donate properties with you. The benefits of donating for all of them were exactly what they were looking for. As an accountant for 19 years now, it is great to finally find a charity that handles all of our clients needs. You definitely deserve some praise for the efficiency of the whole process. We of course will be in touch soon.

I originally had 3 properties that were hurting my portfolio, called you up and donated them all the way back in 2014. Since then I have used Real Estate with Causes for 11 more property donations and happily referred you to my investor friends in my Facebook group which spans the entire country. You provide all the documents and make the whole donation process nice and easy.

After Steve had his accident I knew we wouldn't be able to use our Florida property anymore. We tried to sell it for much less than it was worth and every single person tried to talk us further and further down. I know they have been getting hit with high insurance rates and a lot of hurricanes but come on.. I ran across Real Estate with Causes and gave you guys a call. Long story short, the donation was incredibly easy and I wanted to give you a quick thanks. The write off was close to what we were trying to sell it for and now we have one less worry. I also applaud you for supporting Americans with disabilities. That is honestly the reason we decided to donate to you. God Bless!

We decided to donate one of our rentals after we saw the destruction of Katrina. Although it was in Florida and not where it was hardest hit, I know that by us donating the condo we helped touch someone's life in a positive way. We saw how you renovated it and know whoever lives in there will truly enjoy their life. We have 60+ other properties and may be donating with you again soon!

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