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Donate Land Contracts to Charity

Looking for a fast, easy and convenient way to donate land contract to charity? Look no further. Recreational, Mixed use acreage, Residential property, Building/home site lot Donations accepted.

Donate Land Contract

Land Contract Donations to Charity

A Land contract donation is one of the easiest and most fulfilling ways to unburden oneself from land ownership. Through a land contract donation, it is possible to help others while you ease your real estate obligations. There are a number of possibilities when it comes to land donation, making the donation of land a serious consideration for many property owners.

The benefits of a Land Contract Donation include:

  • The ability to free yourself from the obligations of land ownership —for many, this is preferable when land was gifted or inherited, when land that seemed a useful purchase is proving to be much less so, or a partnership has gone awry.
  • Freedom from financial responsibility of land ownership — property taxes alone can be very burdensome, especially if you were not prepared to be a land owner (again, often the case in gifts of land contracts). 
  • Tax incentives — land contract donation can net you a significant tax advantage that can be taken immediately or over five years (or more) depending on the property and donation specifics (assuming that you donate to a qualified non-profit charity; Real Estate with Causes is such a charity). 
  • Freedom from liability — untended property can still carry the risk of being held liable for circumstances that may occur on that property; transfer of ownership through land contract donation is a good way to help others while freeing yourself from liability. 
  • Helping others! Your gift of land contract donation will help fund worthy programs and/or house needy individuals. It’s something you can feel great about regardless of your motivation!

To donate a land contract – Call 888-228-7320 or Complete The Land Contract Donation Form Below

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