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Chicago Real Estate Donation - Donate Property Chicago IL

Donate Real Estate in Chicago and Make a Difference!

Chicago property ownership is not always an asset. There comes a time when property can be more of a burden, and it is not always easy to remove oneself from property ownership in any really beneficial way. When that is the case, (and) or when you are looking for a way to give back to others, it is time to consider a Chicago property donation.. When you donate real estate in Chicago, you have a real opportunity to do a lot of good for yourself and for others.

For you, the advantages of making a Chicago real estate donation include:

  • Freedom from the burden of owning unwanted or unmanageable property
    Cost savings over paying real estate brokerage fees
  • Financial freedom from property taxes, maintenance costs and fees, liability, and insurance
    Freedom from the responsibility of liens or associated property payments
  • Assistance of highly qualified professionals who will manage most or all of your Illinois real estate donation process for you
    The ability to arrange planned giving in the form of a charitable annuity (which can also net income and tax benefits for life)
  • Freedom from the tasks and stress associated with owning and maintaining property
    Tax advantages – Donate Illinois real estate and receive a tax deduction for the fair market value of the property (not the purchase price, which in most cases is much lower than fair market value, and in the case of gifts and inheritance is nothing at all; in fact, a charitable property donation of Illinois land or buildings can be the only way to profit from a burdensome inheritance in many cases)

For our charity, Real Estate with Causes, the advantages are

  • Securing Illinois property that can be rehabbed, converted, or left as is and used for a variety of purposes (such as housing, shelters, community programs, and more)
  • A revenue source that can be divided amongst many deserving charities or individuals
  • Funding for medical research programs and cancer or disease treatment centers
  • The security of knowing that there are still people in Illinois who care enough to give to others!

    These many advantages can be enjoyed by you and by local and nationwide recipients when you donate Illinois real estate to Real Estate with Causes. Our professional volunteer staff will ensure that the donation process is as simple and stress free as possible. Choose your property type from the following categories or call us toll free 888-228-7320 to donate today!

Home prices based on feedback we receive from real estate brokers in Chicago usually see an annual rise but have since fallen flat. Hundreds of property owners and Chicago real estate developers have chosen our charity to donate with because the entire process is so easy with Real Estate with Causes. Donating Chicago real estate in Chinatown, Goose island, Farallon, Bowmanville, Roscoe Village, Avondale, Pullman, Blue Island, Dunning, Andersville and the Chicago gold coast has helped tremendously in the 20+ years we have helped donors. You can easily donate lofts, commercial property, lots or houses in Chicago and enjoy a Current market Value tax deduction while helping those in need.

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Donate Real Estate and Support some Very Worthy Causes!